How to approach a girl on Discord

Home » How to approach a girl on Discord is an online communication platform most often used by schoolchildren and video game enthusiasts. Although the messenger is attractive for voice and video communication in the conference format, approaching a girl on Discord will not be difficult.

Communication on Discord

The list of social networks where young people like to spend time includes Instagram and Facebook. You won’t surprise anyone with the introductions in the dialogues here. Therefore, Discord is one of the promising sites for unusual approaches to girls. The service is easily installed on a gadget and allows you to write to a stranger you like during game interaction.

Discord’s capabilities are wider than in other messengers:

  • can be used online and offline;
  • convenient video calls;
  • display for more than 50 users simultaneously;
  • you can correspond both in the general chat and in person;
  • just broadcast, record and show the game from your computer.

Romantic phrases-compliments for making advances via messenger

Getting to know a girl, giving a compliment and continuing communication is an art. You can attract attention with bright phrases that describe its unsurpassed advantages. For example, “Do you know what your amazing eyes are missing? My reflection in them.”

The following expressions are also excellent:

  • Can I come in? Without knocking? In your heart?!
  • SOS! I’m choking… from beauty!
  • The Pacific Ocean… I calmed it down for you!
  • No sunglasses? Your beauty is blinding!
  • The only crime I would commit is stealing your heart!
  • Am I in a Greek temple? Before me is a goddess!
  • Where am I? Why is there an angel in front of me?
  • A diamond was stolen from the treasury… Yes, here it is, in front of me!
  • Who do you look like? Oh, for my bride!

Funny tackles are effective, for example: “The pond is frozen, but what happened to the ducks?” A thought-provoking question will allow the conversation to continue.

Not all phrases appeal to girls. Whether a tackle will turn out or not depends on the lady’s mood, desire to meet people and her goals for being on Discord. Perhaps she came here to work and does not want to be distracted. To attract a stranger, you need to put an attractive photo on your avatar and remember to have a sense of humor when communicating. If a girl responds to a compliment, her wit should not be lost.

Video tackles

Pick-up artists advise not to waste time in correspondence – immediately use video communication capabilities to approach a girl on Discord. In the right situation, the method works flawlessly.

To avoid getting into trouble, you can print out compliments, jokes, witty statements or questions in advance. You need to use them periodically so that there are no awkward pauses, but communication is not like reading an entertainment magazine. Then the girl will understand that in front of her is an interesting man who knows how to communicate in an original way and with humor. This means that a real date will not disappoint and it’s worth deciding on it.

What do girls think about guys’ tackles?

Internet podcasts often receive negative reviews. Most girls think that it would be right to refuse an annoying interlocutor, and do not believe in the sincerity of their intentions. But there are cases when such communication led to family life or strong friendships.

Girls do not admit that they enjoy the tackles on Discord. Some choose the image of being hard to touch and do not respond to compliments. This happens more often when a guy shows attention in a general chat. The reason for the lady’s ignorance: modesty, lack of self-confidence or fear that they are publicly making fun of her. If you really like the girl, write her a private message. Then the chances of a successful dialogue will increase.

Guys should not relax: we started well – we should continue in the same spirit. The main thing is to understand that this communication is necessary for both, and try to make every effort to implement it. Then the girl will not be disappointed, and the possibility of a date will turn from a dream into reality.