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How to approach a female doctor worries many young people. Educated, confident women often attract the attention of the opposite sex. To win the beauty, you will have to be creative.

Where is the best place to meet a female doctor?

Where to go to meet a nice doctor:

  • Making an appointment will help you find an excuse to talk to your doctor. If the girl you like works at a clinic, it’s easy to get a coupon from the reception desk and open an outpatient card. It is better not to invent a serious illness – there is a danger of exposing yourself in an unsightly manner when the deception is revealed. And periodic back pain torments even strong men.
  • Wait until the girl goes home after duty. It will be easier to grab attention. The doctor will not have to be distracted by patients.
  • Get an invitation to a corporate party for doctors. The informal atmosphere is conducive to casual conversation.
  • Find a girl’s profile on social networks. Finding out the last name of the object of attention is easy. A sign with initials will hang at the entrance to the office.

Suggestions to doctors

When dating, many people rely on intuition or communication skills. But sometimes a young man gets lost and doesn’t know how to casually approach a female doctor. In this case, phrases prepared in advance will help.

TOP best phrases for meeting a girl with a doctor

If the meeting takes place in a hospital or clinic:

  • Make an appointment with me as soon as possible. My heart just shattered!
  • I have vision problems. My eyes can’t take their eyes off your face.
  • Keep smiling and I won’t need anesthesia.
  • You are so charming that I forgot what I was sick with.
  • Doctor, help! I drowned in your eyes!

It’s easy to exchange phrases with a girl who goes home after work:

  • Isn’t it you who lost your smile? Can I pick it up?
  • Your charm can melt the ice, and it’s so cold outside! Can I warm up a little?
  • Let me donate coffee to the best doctor in our city. There is a cozy place nearby.

Tips for starting a conversation:

Say hello.
Address yourself as “you”. The girl doctor is educated, smart and will not tolerate familiarity from the first minutes of communication.
Give a compliment: not formal, but appropriate specifically for this interlocutor.

The simplest examples of how to approach a girl to the doctor:

Hello! My name is Andrew. We have already met at the clinic. Let’s continue communicating.
Hello! I am Victor. I always dreamed of talking to a smart and beautiful girl.

TOP best phrases for meeting a girl with a doctor

Sometimes it’s better to start with a joke:

  • I offer you my hand and heart. The surgeon always knows what to do with them.
  • More like “emergency”! Cupid wounded me.
  • But everyone’s sense of humor is different. Sometimes funny phrases cause confusion. But congratulations work. Almost every date on the calendar is marked with an event. Celebrate days of beauty, smiles, hugs.

The further topic of the conversation is determined based on the girl’s reaction.

6 unforgivable mistakes when meeting a doctor

How not to approach a female doctor:

  • Show excessive pressure when the relationship is just starting. For example, you shouldn’t suddenly attack an unfamiliar woman with kisses. A decent girl would regard such an act as rudeness or an attempt at self-assertion.
  • Talk about sex right away. This kind of frankness is disconcerting. The interlocutor needs time to believe in the guy’s sincere interest.
  • You should not touch on personal topics. Until the acquaintance has developed into a more trusting relationship, it is better to postpone stories about intimate experiences and mental trauma. The rapprochement is carried out gradually, first you need to get used to each other.
  • Ask for a prescription for illegal drugs. This will harm the career of a medical professional. A female doctor in such a situation will decide that the young man wants to take advantage of the acquaintance for personal gain, and not out of interest in his partner.
  • Preparing too hard for a tackle. Communication should be natural and relaxed.
  • Publicly admit your feelings. This behavior looks especially inappropriate in a clinic when colleagues or patients are nearby.
  • 6 unforgivable mistakes when meeting a doctor

There is no need to sort things out in a hospital with a female doctor. Medical personnel are rarely without work. Therefore, your dating strategy needs to be carefully built.

The acquaintance took place – what next?

Dating with a doctor is often different from dating with other professions. Recommendations for maintaining romantic relationships with doctors:

  • Be understanding. Doctors are often called to see patients. Try not to plan events that are difficult to cancel.
  • Do not bring up the topic of medicine when meeting with your doctor. Discuss interesting events or new cinema products. Listen carefully to complaints about fatigue if the girl herself starts such a conversation.
  • Think about what to feed the lady after returning from the clinic. Doctors often don’t have enough time to eat.
  • Do not ask to turn off your phone. Health care workers receive periodic calls with updates on patients’ conditions.
  • Help the girl relax after a long shift in the hospital. Arrange pleasant surprises.
  • Offer help in solving everyday issues.
  • Play sports together. Doctors benefit from stress relief. Go jogging together in the park, go to the gym, go to the skating rink, or take a walk in the fresh air.
  • Appreciate even short meetings; female doctors rarely have long days off.