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Men want warmth, care, love. In real life, it is difficult to find the right person, but Internet portals simplify the communication process. But before that, you need to work with your complexes, become more confident and calmer. The article will answer the question of how to meet a girl if you are bald.

Baldness and dating – is it real?

Let’s dispel a common myth – hair loss does not affect the success of a relationship. If your partner decided to break up with you, citing baldness as the reason, then the problem was completely different.

Of course, there are girls who respect full hair. But the lack of hair for many women is not a problem, and even attracts and seems sexy. After all, it is important for a man to have confidence, masculinity, strength, and not a beautiful hairstyle.

Is there a special dating site for bald people?

There are no such portals on global platforms. Only recently, American David Minns launched an application for people with hair loss in test mode. The goal of the project was to prove to users that baldness does not affect their personal life.

The question “If you are bald, how can you meet a girl” should no longer worry you. When registering your profile, upload a real, high-quality photo. Only those ladies who are truly interested will meet. This will help avoid wasting time on long correspondence.

How do girls and women feel about balding/bald men? Are they considered less attractive?

The topic of baldness has been of concern to guys for a long time. In search of remedies for “this ailment,” Hippocrates, Julius Caesar, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Darwin and Socrates were noted. However, they were extremely popular among the female population. Baldness did not become a problem in their personal lives.

There is a lover for every human type. Surveys conducted by universities in Germany and the USA showed that 70% of available girls would prefer to date balding men. The reason was the courageous atmosphere and calmness that their image conveys.

Some tips for meeting girls

It is no longer a secret that a girl considers a bald man smarter, educated, gallant, and tactful, unlike other candidates. Thin hair is associated with high social status, power, and moderate calm. The only thing that can hinder a relationship is uncertainty.

Don’t start conversations with questions

Write a catchy phrase to stand out. Use humor and compliments. Do not overload your interlocutor with information about yourself. A good sense of humor is much more attractive than perfect appearance. Avoid direct, inappropriate questions about your personal life. The girl herself will share information when she considers it necessary.

Example: “Girl, can you tell me how to get to your heart?”

Don’t ask her permission

Be persistent and write directly about your intentions. Don’t ask if you can ask him out on a date. Write the exact time and place. Women appreciate it when a man makes his own decisions.

How to start a conversation

Don’t apologize to the girl
Don’t apologize for your appearance, personality traits, or hobbies. If a person loves you, he will accept all your strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t say stupid things
Be calm in your communication. Humor and jokes are welcome, but don’t go overboard. Watch the girl’s reaction to the selected topics of conversation. Avoid vulgar phrases, sexual references, and insults.

Do not give up
Often women are embarrassed to meet in person. If your communication went well, but she doubts meeting in person, show your seriousness. Create a trusting, safe environment where she can feel comfortable.

Don’t let a girl make you feel negative
When your partner points out your shortcomings, it shows her insecurity. Claims, scandals, jealousy are signs of an imminent separation. It is impossible to build a harmonious relationship with such a person. Stop communicating, continue searching for true love.

Play – don’t be serious
Not every acquaintance will lead to love and marriage. Therefore, do not take refusals, quarrels, or negative comments seriously.

Meeting girls

Don’t elevate the girl
Be equal to your partner. Respect her, respect yourself. Value your time, do not put her interests above yours. Mutual respect is the key to harmony in relationships.

Keep your body language like a leader – confident

Lack of control of facial expressions, confused speech, closed postures indicate a lack of confidence in the partner. To relieve tension, breathe deeply and slowly, and gesture during conversations. Don’t be gloomy. A smile is a consequence of determination and authority. Don’t be afraid of mistakes and absurd situations. After all, you are a living person.

We tried to answer in detail the question “How to meet a girl if you are bald.” Hair loss does not affect personal happiness. Radiate confidence, then you will become a desirable man for single girls.