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If Badoo were a state, the site would have its own representative at the UN. Four dozen languages used, nearly half a billion registered users – this is a multivocal state, adapted to any platform and environment. Badoo is a serious site. Mandatory verification of photos by a moderator eliminates fakes, and the capabilities of the service allow you to organize one-on-one video conferences.

Review Badoo


Positioning itself as an international site, Badoo offers a choice of 42 languages to control the interface.
After selecting your language, there are two registration options. The first is classic, using a postal address, and the second is through social networks.

After selecting your gender, you will need the following information: Name. This is how you will be displayed on the site. Birthday. Place of residence. Email or phone. You must provide a valid postal address, as a registration confirmation email will be sent to it. It’s the same with a phone number. Subscribe to the newsletter. Free choice of subscription during registration is extremely rare. As a rule, sites enable mailing by default, specifying a similar clause in the User Agreement. Badoo is doing the honorable thing here. Password. The option through social networks is much faster. The site allows you to register using 7 platforms. Facebook Google MSN In this case, data such as first name, last name and residential address are integrated into Badoo directly through the specified social network. If there is no such data, then you will need to enter it yourself through a form similar to standard registration.


After registration, the site requires photographs and their verification. They are being disingenuous with a couple of photos – without three photos you can’t view other people’s profiles, so you’ll have to add them. Here, too, there are two options: Upload a photo from your computer. Add profile photos from a social network. The second method is interesting because you can upload many photos at once, transfer the entire album, or select selectively. But with photo verification the situation is more complicated. Badoo has set an entry threshold for working with the site – you won’t be able to get acquainted without photo confirmation. You must take a photo in the pose indicated in the photo. There are several of them: palm on the cheek, fingers in a V shape, gestures. Photos must be exactly like the example, clear, with a visible face and without grain. Moderators compare pictures for verification with pictures in the album, after success the profile receives the “photo verified” icon. Moderators check quickly, and the photo will not be displayed in the album. This is an internal security requirement and does not apply to the profile. The process should not be avoided. Verification allows you to saturate the site with genuine profiles, minimizes deception and scammers. And to establish some kind of Internet communication culture. In addition, the idea of dating sites is precisely communication between real people.


Accusations of copying Tinder scrolling would be unnecessary – firstly, only the lazy do not use it, and secondly, Badoo was one of the pioneers in the field of its implementation. Which requires a certain amount of courage. The new user is greeted with a short tutorial on how to use the buttons. The interface tells you what the two main control buttons are responsible for. You are then prompted to configure your default search filter. It can be changed at any time. First of all, it is worth noting that the site interface is as simplified as possible. And if it had been possible to simplify it further, they would have done it. The site is not oversaturated with colors, which is the sin of many developers and marketers. Individuality is not expressed through a single color palette on half the screen – a few buttons, icons, the name of the site. Even such a small set allows you to quickly remember that the site is designed with an emphasis on purple colors and shades. But the main thing is that it is not noticeable.


In the foreground is a strip of photographs. This is the primary way to interact with user profiles. People are selected based on their filters and location. The choice of city can be changed manually, unlike Tinder. Control is carried out by four buttons at the bottom of the screen, and keyboard keys are also assigned to them. Like. Shows sympathy to the user. If he reciprocates, you can start communicating. Skip. Move to the next profile. There is no rating, no need to worry. Return to previous profile. A very convenient button, because prolonged scrolling can result in an accidental skip. Allows you to cancel the decision and return to your profile. Superlike. The main menu is located on the left side of the screen. It needs to be considered in detail.


The profile settings are very detailed. At the top there is a list of photos. There you can add a new photo or video. Below are indicators of popularity, balance and premium. You can top up your account or buy bonuses through this window. Profile completion indicator. Depends on the amount of data specified. Work and education. Social capital is important for dating sites; people with serious intentions pay close attention to this column. Location on the map. In relation to it, the service regulates the search radius of people. Below is personal information, a list of interests, languages. The right column displays a duplicate search service, a verification window and related social networks.


The service is designed as entertainment – you can find a person very similar to yourself, or a person similar to a celebrity. It’s difficult to evaluate the quality of work; sometimes it doesn’t work at all. But if you start looking, the result is quite good.


Actually, this is a scrolling interface. Minimum settings: age and gender. The city settings need to be changed in another place, and this is not entirely convenient: if the city can be changed and the display of profiles depends on it, then it should have been added to this menu. PEOPLE NEARBY The same menu where you can change the city. This is an elementary search and calling it anything else was a strange decision. At the top there is a preference filter where you can select: Search goals. This checkbox does not have much significance for the filter. Choice based on sexual interests. Age. City. Search point. You can focus on a specified city, select a radius around it, or search throughout the country.


Live broadcasts from users. You can give gifts, loans, communicate. Sorting by popular streams, location-based search, and a personal subscriptions tab are available. There is a filter, but it only allows you to choose between displaying men or women.


The correspondence window is large and spacious. It drops out of the left menu, so you don’t need to go anywhere to reply to the message. Standard functions: emoticons, gifts. You can add your interlocutor to your favorites list for quick access to personal messages. You can start a video chat using the mobile app. To do this, two conditions must be met: The account must be verified. A correspondence should begin between you. There is no need to exchange phone numbers, just consent to the call.


If you click “Like” under the photo and the person responds with a like, then reciprocity is formed, which opens up the opportunity to write personal messages. This tab contains all the profiles that responded to you with a heart. Convenient in terms of access to people you are interested in.


Shows who liked your profile. Opens only with the help of Premium – you can, of course, try your luck and search in the feed, but you will need perseverance. The tab shows who you can really start a conversation with.


Collects users who visited the profile. Useful because people don’t go to a profile without some interest. The popularity of the account directly affects the search results.


Eloquent tab. You can see your list of favorites, as well as who added your profile to them. Mobile app review


The local currency is called credits and is exchanged at the rate of 1:1 in $. Discounts allow you to improve the rate when purchasing large volumes, up to double the benefit. Attention! By default, there is a checkbox for auto replenishment at the bottom of the screen. If you do not remove it, then money will be automatically debited from the card to replenish the balance. You can top up your balance in only 3 ways: by card, mobile transfer and PayPal payment service. Regardless of the payment method, the minimum deposit is 10 $.


Many dating sites force the user to buy special conditions. If key communication functions are cut, then there are only two choices left: pay or leave. Badoo is also in the sneaky business, but on a much smaller scale. Premium doesn’t so much bring back unavailable features as it expands existing ones. Highlights messages. Sent messages will be highlighted and read before others. Allows you to find out who has your profile in the “favorites” Invisibility mode will hide traces of visits to someone else’s profile. Allows you to communicate with new users, as well as the most popular ones. Rates are affordable. An important advantage is the unlimited premium. It does not need to be paid monthly; it is purchased for the entire life of the account.

The longer the purchase period, the greater the discount. A six-month subscription saves 83%. But in such conditions, the best option is a lifetime premium. You can increase your popularity by purchasing various bonuses. The superlike function and the ability to give gifts are also paid.


The advantages include: Design. The site is very easy to understand and does not take much time to get used to. There are few tabs and most of them are to the point. Registration. It’s really fast, without tedious psychological questionnaires. Lifetime premium. If you use the site on an ongoing basis, then premium is urgently needed. It’s just easier to interact with people. The permanent option will save a lot of money in this case. Mobile app. Convenient and very popular – downloaded more than 100 million times. Cons: Artificial interest. To avoid losing new users, sites often resort to using bots and other tricks. Here it is not very noticeable, but it is still there. Expensive gifts. One gift costs as much as a daily subscription and that’s too much.


Badoo is changing following trends – now it is more like Tinder than Photostrana or Mamba. This list also includes dubious services like JuliaDates, but only because of the equally pleasant interface.


Anastasia. “I’ll tell you my story. My husband and I met on Badu and it turned out very funny)) The two of us were watching one broadcast, and there was some girl talking very rudely to everyone. We were outraged by this together. There we started talking. And a year later they got married. I know that there are different stories and it doesn’t happen all at once… but I shared mine. I also know that there are scammers on the site. You just have to go head first, girls. But people are different. If you’re not a fool, you’ll immediately understand who’s in front of you.”
Sasha. “It’s a completely normal site, only verification of the channel, I don’t have a perfect phone and I don’t like taking pictures. But he communicated normally with girls and didn’t run into divorces. I don’t spend much money, only when necessary.”
Lena. “I haven’t met my love, but I’m very pleased with the site. And I’m probably not looking for love there. But you can go on a date with a nice guy. Yes, sometimes you come across such boors, there’s some kind of orc in the photo, but the conceit is wow.”