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Every product is created for sale. Developers of dating services make money by providing services to increase competition, expand functionality, and sometimes simply restore normal functions that were removed only to motivate people to deposit money. Bumble went a different route – the app limits features, but not for the sake of money, but in the name of an idea. Girls have an unconditional, priority right to write messages first, and this will not fix anything, even the purchase of paid functionality. Here you must interest your interlocutor in absentia.


The application does not provide much flexibility: registration is only available through a phone number or Facebook account. Let’s consider the first option: After entering the number, a confirmation code will be sent to your phone. If an SMS arrives on a phone with the application installed, then bumble itself recognizes the code. Although there are mistakes here too that force you to enter it yourself. Next comes filling out the questionnaire. If the date of birth and name do not arouse interest, then the developers approached the “gender” item responsibly. If you are unsatisfied with your sex assigned at birth, there are over thirty gender identity options to choose from. If this does not seem enough, you can make your contribution by entering the missing gender. After this, the system asks you to enter a current e-mail address, the presence of which will increase the security of your account. This is an optional step and can be skipped. Due to the fact that the application works exclusively based on geolocation, the device requires an analysis of your location. This cannot be changed in any way, say, by setting the desired city, the search for people proceeds only in this way. Then you have two options to choose from: Bumble date and Bumble bff, where the first is responsible for finding romantic relationships, and the second for finding new friends. The differences are by no means a fad: in friends mode you can’t select the gender you’re interested in, it just looks for people nearby. If you choose dating, the application asks you to select the gender you are interested in and upload a photo. One will be enough, although the system recommends adding up to three photos. When registering via Facebook, photos can be directly imported from there. Registration through a social network follows the same procedure, except that the application independently imports personal data and photos from Facebook.


Ultra-minimalistic, with large empty spaces, the application keeps up with the times, meeting absolutely all modern requirements for a dating service interface. In pursuit of trends, a project can be distinguished from similar ones only by its color scheme. The same three main buttons at the bottom, the same profile, the same settings. However, the application cannot be denied its convenience. The buttons are located intuitively, the icons are informative, everything is labeled and clear.


The application provides limited capabilities for searching for people. The only functional interface is a scrolling service, with the help of which the entire search for people takes place. The system searches for people within a certain radius, and then displays profiles that you can skip or like. This is a simple and widespread system, which has the only drawback: statistically, such services involve quick dating for a short period of time; they are designed specifically for meetings, not communication. In addition to the “skip” and “like” buttons, when purchasing a paid account, you have the option to return the skipped questionnaire.


The profile is intended for information that will be briefly displayed in the personal data. For the search, the completed items are not important: Adding a place of work and educational institution. Floor. Place of birth and city of residence. About Me. A short story about yourself with a limit of 300 characters. There is also an interesting service called answers. More than 20 questions, three of which can be answered, and the answers will appear in your profile. The service is for informational purposes only.


To establish the authenticity of photographs, there is a verification service. The procedure is not forced, but the search filter has an item about verified photos, which means your unverified profile may simply be excluded from the search. 7000 To check, you must take a selfie identical to the offered sample. Raise your finger, palm, make a certain gesture – the technology is completely identical to Badoo. The submitted photographs are of a technical nature, are used only for verification and will not be published anywhere.


Due to the functional poverty of the application, the value of the settings increases significantly, since search results depend on them. I am interested in. It’s worth going into more detail here. The fact is that Bamble uses a system designed to protect women from annoying attention. If your account is male, you will not be able to be the first to write to the woman you like – the application only provides the first step to female accounts. All that remains is the path of signs of attention and the most presentable photographs. For same-sex dating, everything is simpler – both partners have the opportunity to write first. The ability to write messages directly depends on the choice of a couple, so the decision should be approached responsibly. Age. Notifications. Stealth mode. Hides the profile from search results for the selected time. The function is completely free, almost a unique case in the dating services market. The filter function replaces the standard search, allowing you to narrow your search: Verification. Removes unverified photos from search results. Height. Sport. Here the choice is not of the type, but of the intensity of the activity. Education. Attitudes towards smoking and alcohol. Pets. Intentions. Serious relationships, starting a family, nothing serious. Children. Zodiac sign. Political Views. Liberal, moderate, conservative, or not at all interested in politics. Religion. There is quite a large selection, where in addition to world religions there is Zoroastrianism, spiritualism and even agnosticism, which is not a religion at all. For convenience, there is a button to enable and disable filters so that the list, once filled out, does not have to be filled out regularly.


The app only offers two paid services: Boost and Spotlight. Boost The purpose of the service is to expand the functionality of the application. The purchase removes the limit from filters, shows transitions to the profile page, and allows you to return sympathy, the duration of which in the free version is limited to 24 hours. The cost varies depending on the chosen purchase period, however, the prices are quite high. Spotlight The purpose of the service is to increase ranking in search results. When purchasing, your profile will be raised in the list of the scrolling service, which will significantly affect your popularity and response. Prices are also high. 9000 Payment is made using a card, Google Wallet and PayPal services.


Pros: Nice interface, you need to understand it. Photo verification. Gives more persuasiveness to the interlocutor.
Cons: This is not only a dating service, but also a political manifesto: the ban on writing messages to men and permission to write to same-sex couples is dictated precisely by mainstream political movements. Developers have the right to any whim, except discrimination, which is what this policy is, since the service does not position itself as an application for women: it simply confronts you with a fact. Expensive service. Paid services are really not cheap.


I like absolutely everything! Especially that I can write first, there is no obscenity at all. I choose who I want and with whom I want to communicate. Yes, read the terms of service, they link the card.
The females have become completely insolent, now the girl has the privilege of writing first. Why on earth? How can I introduce myself at all, only photos, idiotic questions and a story about myself. This is not serious.