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Insufficient free time, introversion and too fast pace of life. We can continue to list the reasons for the growing popularity of dating sites among people, but their importance in our era of network technologies should not be underestimated. That is why it will be useful for many users to know the whole truth about certain services with similar services. After all, knowing the “ford”, or rather the ins and outs of the site, you can safely venture into the “water” of virtual dating. Below we will consider the international platform eDarling, which positions itself as a site for serious dating.


The project was officially launched in 2008, at that time the company was called Affinitas GmbH and provided its services only to Berlin residents. A year later, the site was launched for the rest of Germany, France, Austria and other countries. The site reached us in 2011, and in 2012 it was already nominated for the Runet Award. To date, more than 13 million profiles have been registered here, and during its existence the project itself has received a couple of “Portal of the Year” awards and high marks from the Netzsieger service, which evaluates the quality of network resources. The good news is that over the years of its work the company has helped thousands of now happy couples find each other. But these are all official data; we are interested in the facts.


The procedure for creating an account is quite standard and will only require an electronic mailbox, to which you will receive a letter with an activation link. Then the fun begins. Survey The main feature and the reason for a number of dissatisfied reviews is a huge psychological test. The questionnaire contains more than 280 points. And if the first points are an indication of your gender and tastes, then subsequent questions have a psychological basis and were created with the participation of qualified specialists. Fortunately, the questionnaire can be filled out gradually and intermittently, but our people are scared off by such a detailed test; they want to immediately start searching for ideally matching halves.


The key difference between the German resource and sites such as Mamba and Loveplanet is the matching policy. In simple words, eDarling is a service for finding the most suitable candidates for an applicant with whom you can start a serious relationship. For this purpose, a detailed psychological test was compiled. Although no one bothers you to search for your soulmate using questionnaires on your own.


All sections of the resource become available to registered users, some of which have quite interesting functions. Profile The first category contains your profile. This is where the visitor fills out and corrects information about himself and publishes photographs. The next section is called “Dating”. Here is a feed with photos of those visitors who match your criteria. Viewing this part is only available after completing the test. The site’s algorithms will weigh all your answers and entered data, and then display a feed of optimal candidates. In the third category, users will find already established couples who have been helped by the site. There are photographs, parting advice, reviews from people and other useful things. Profile Doubting people are advised to first visit the happy couples section. This may motivate them to fill out the questionnaire and seriously look for a partner for a relationship. Next comes a category with tips. “Adviser” is led by resource psychologists. A lot of useful information for conducting fruitful dialogues, finding interlocutors and relationships in real and virtual life. The latest news features questions from visitors, fascinating stories and other content. The sixth section allows you to set the scope of the search for future interlocutors. The seventh category represents dialogues with other visitors and the history of all correspondence. A paid feature that will show people who visited your profile. Involves prepayment. In the penultimate section you can manipulate changing your password, mailbox, etc. The last category allows you to contact the resource’s technical support.


Owners of smartphones running iOS and Android OS can download the official application to their phone. Users are satisfied with the design and functions of the software and publish reviews about its high-quality work. You can access the site from a mobile device without installing the program. At the same time, the pages are conveniently scaled to fit the size of your screen, be it a large tablet or a modest screen of a budget phone.


The first thing you need to know about the German project is its seriousness. From the very beginning, the resource positioned itself as a site for serious people who want to create a serious relationship. The advantages of this dating resource leave many competitors behind: Manual moderation of each registered profile. Thanks to this approach, the chance of meeting a bot tends to statistical error. Portal employees carefully check the data of applicants. Fraudsters of all kinds and spam lovers are quickly banned. Smart pair search algorithms. The intelligent system eliminates obviously unsuitable people from the search. A psychological test will help you get to know yourself better. This also includes detailed, verified profiles of other people. You can read about the psychological characteristics of other people. Large, mature and adequate audience of users. The site’s policy itself hints at the fight against deceivers and frivolous people. Something many competitors cannot boast of. People from all over the globe meet here. It is quite possible to find a kindred spirit from Australia. The ability to clearly indicate in which part of the world or country you want to find a woman/man. Clear and convenient interface of the website and mobile applications. It’s quite easy to understand all the functions. The design also pleases the eye not only with its color palette, but also with its quality. All the advantages of this resource can be summarized in a few words. A large platform for dating with a carefully selected audience and the absence of unwanted garbage in the form of “left” profiles and bots. Basically, the minimum age threshold for users starts around 25-27 years. But you have to pay for such quality.


It is the financial issue that is the stumbling block for many who want to find a partner or friend. The site’s free features are limited to the ability to register, take a test, and view other people’s profiles. You can also study the history of happy couples and useful materials from psychologists. Premium But for full communication you need to buy a premium account. Paid subscriptions come in several options. With the cheapest one (about 5 $/month), the user gets the opportunity to unlimited communication with interlocutors and the ability to view psychological portraits of users; also, with any premium, information about likes is available. More expensive tariffs allow you to receive read confirmations, view the guests of your profile and other equally useful functions.


There were no really serious drawbacks to the site. Although many people who are dissatisfied with the mandatory subscription payment will disagree with this fact. The key disadvantage is the high cost of premium. Almost all features of the site are paid. But besides this, we can mention a few more disadvantages: Intrusive offers to purchase paid services. No app for Windows Phone. Manual moderation of the profile and photos takes time. There are no games or other entertainment. On the other hand, the key disadvantage (mandatory financial expenses) is a good protection against scammers and simply frivolous individuals.


Unfortunately, a significant portion of people’s comments have little to do with the effectiveness of the functionality of the site itself. You can find many complaints about the need to take the test and its complexity. Just look at the negative comment of one young lady (21 year old girl) that all the guys looking at her profile are “somewhat suspicious and have good jobs.” It’s funny that criticism comes from people who haven’t even tried to use all the functionality of the site. There are mentions of fake pages, but there are only a few of them. Mostly reviews are positive or neutral. Many directly indicate that they are willing to spend money for the absence of spam and inappropriate people. There are also lucky ones who have found their match. There were reviews from people who had formalized their relationship. It is noted that there are no comments about inadequate employees, an inconvenient interface and other similar shortcomings. This alone hints that the resource’s employees are doing their job well. Many people are surprised that people prefer to initiate communication first. As for the “Our Happy Couples” section, everything here is ambiguous. This could be either true or a smart move by marketers. All photos are retouched, and the phrases simply ooze romance. But this still doesn’t say anything. But the real awards received by the French and Spanish versions of the resource hint at quality.


Having carefully compared many reviews with the information published on the official website, the final assessment of eDarling will be rather positive. The portal is ideal for people who are tired of the “childhood diseases” of other dating sites – a lot of empty and inactive profiles, inadequate interlocutors, deceivers, etc. 9000 On the other hand, it will be difficult to find a person here to “have fun”. eDarling is definitely worth a try for those people who really want to find, if not a life partner, then certainly a serious partner. The site administration could have introduced a lot of additional services in the form of quizzes, fun games, etc., but for some reason they don’t do this. It is clear that all the work of the owners of the resource is aimed at ensuring that people are exclusively engaged in finding the right interlocutors. This is why posts with advice, news and other useful information on the topic of relationships are regularly published.