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Expensive German dating service with users from all over the world. Qualitative moderation and extensive psychological testing. The site's audience consists of serious people looking for a serious relationship. Ideal for finding soul mates, but not suitable for those who just want to have fun.
Badoo is one of the most popular dating sites in the world. Life broadcasts add variety to the interface, as does the ability to start a video chat with a specific user. The site has a unique photo verification system, which is guaranteed to exclude fake accounts.
The idea of Bumble is that it is the girl who makes the first step towards a man, which cannot but please the feminist Western world, but may not please the population. The functionality is reminiscent of Tinder and Badoo, which makes the application intuitive to use.
Dating takes place by evaluating candidates' photographs. There are users with absolutely any goals: from seriously minded to perverts. Can be used for fun.
The Hitwe dating site offers one of the best solutions in terms of paid content - just one service at a very affordable price. The site is not without grace in terms of design and functionality, even despite some minor problems with the organization of the user space.
The application has an attractive design and an interesting central idea. This is not so much a dating app as it is a dating app. All functionality is aimed at live communication, where Happn acts only as the first step. The app is not for those who prefer to spend months sharing photos. It is designed for the fast life of a big city.
Video chat site for real communication between people from different parts of the world. Services for men are paid, and girls have the opportunity to earn money from communication. A web camera is required for communication. Possibility of correspondence with foreigners with instant message translation.

Free Dating Sites In Lithuania

Dating in a new country is always exciting. It is difficult to predict the behavior of foreigners and immediately adapt to their mentality and characteristics. But on the other hand, this is a very interesting and exciting adventure, which will give you the opportunity to expand your circle of acquaintances, learn a lot of new things and meet your love.

Dating in Lithuania is very fast. There are many people here who literally speak the same language as you. You can understand each other without any problems.

Where to look for these new acquaintances? The answer is simple – choose dating sites in Lithuania for men and women. We will tell you in more detail how to please Lithuanians, which platforms to choose and how to achieve the desired results when meeting.

Dating in Lithuania with women and men: what character traits attract Lithuanians

Lithuanians are always open to new acquaintances. They easily make contact, write first and willingly engage in dialogue. They, like many people, like cheerful and easy-to-communicate people. But most of all they are attracted to these character traits:

  • caring. Lithuanians are very loving and tactile people. They need to feel cared for and attended to. They would rather pay attention to a gentle and affectionate person than to an ambitious careerist;
  • reliability. Dating in Lithuania has repeatedly confirmed that it is important for Lithuanians to be confident in the future. They are conservative and stable. Therefore, you need the same person nearby who will become support and support;
  • sense of humor. This is an important point in building human relationships. Appropriate jokes can smooth out conflict, survive difficulties and get out of difficult situations. Therefore, it is important for Lithuanians to be close to someone who can have a fun and carefree time;
  • independence. People with their own view of the world, their own goals and values are highly valued in Lithuania. Often couples develop here with partnerships, when people become support for each other. Don’t be afraid to express your opinions in messages and share your thoughts. Local residents will appreciate this;
  • sexuality. Lithuanians are greedy for beautiful and well-groomed people. It is important for them to see that a person is attentive to his appearance and this makes him feel sexy and attractive.

This is a list of just a few qualities that Lithuanians want to see in their soulmate. But you need to take into account that each person is individual and everyone has their own separate set of external data and character traits.

A few rules to help you succeed

Best Dating Sites In Lithuania

Choose a site that suits your goals. Yes, you already know that you want to meet new people. But what is your goal? Serious relationships and building a family? Then look for platforms that will help you meet such people.

Use the smart pairing algorithm. This will immediately reduce the time it takes to find your soulmate. You just fill out a questionnaire, and then artificial intelligence will select people who are potentially interesting to you. Among the recommendations will be the most compatible with your personal interests and goals. Do not neglect this search, but rather take a closer look at the candidates.

Make a cool profile. Online dating in Lithuania is not very popular. To stand out among thousands of accounts, try to fill out the questionnaire as clearly as possible. Indicate your details, interests and hobbies, add a photo and description. This way, you can attract more people, receive more incoming messages and find your soulmate among the recipients.

Be inventive and creative in your message writing. Try to ask interesting questions and give detailed answers. This way you can build a constructive dialogue that will give you the opportunity to get to know each other better. Life hack – before doing this, it is better to study the profile of your interlocutor in detail. There you will find topics for conversation and will be already prepared.

Give yourself time. A dating site in Lithuania is an opportunity to communicate with many people. Make friends with someone, limit yourself to a few SMS with someone, and build a relationship with someone for life. If you can’t build a dialogue with the person who wrote to you for the first time, don’t worry. It will still be there. The good thing about online platforms is that you choose the pace and speed of dating yourself.

Top 3 mistakes made on a dating site

Dating platforms have been around for decades. But people keep repeating the same mistakes.

To avoid being included in these statistics, look at and remember the list of errors below.

  • Hurry up an offline meeting. You will always have time to go on a date if the person on the other side of the screen is the one you need. Yes, you can initiate a meeting, but don’t rush things.
  • Fake profile photo. Starting a relationship with deception is always a bad idea. Therefore, it is better not to lie about your age, the presence of children, or even use a photo of a celebrity. You may fall in love with a person and want to move to a new level of relationship. But what if you have already deceived him?
  • Lose motivation. Some people give up after the first unsuccessful meeting. You shouldn’t do that. Your person will definitely wait for your SMS, and you – for him. Get acquainted, communicate and do not despair if at the beginning everything does not go as you expected. Just give yourself time.

You will succeed!


  1. What should I do if the person I am texting with behaves strangely?
    If you see suspicious accounts or human behavior, report it to support. The site team will promptly respond to your application and do everything possible to make you feel safe.
  2. Can you find older men on the platform?
    Yes, you can set age filters and find the people most interesting to you. You can also add filters by city or country, marital status, and even by zodiac sign.
  3. How quickly can you find your soulmate on the site?
    There is no specific period during which you can find love. Everything is individual. Some people start building relationships from the first message, while others spend months searching for the right person.
  4. Is it necessary to activate a paid subscription on the site?
    For dating, basic functions may be enough for you. But if you want advanced features, then you can use Premium access. They open up additional functions for communication. For example, video dates, gifts, preferential messaging.